• 24-40mm HSS tube & sheet drill for metal sheet
  • 4-pc drilling & deburring kit
  • 3-pc HSS sheet drill sets
  • 3-pc HSS tube drill in steel box
  • HSS tube and sheet drill for deburring
  • 3-pc tube drill for drilling hole


1.High grade high speed steel body.
2.The cone makes it easier to withdraw the tool from the material.
3.For drilling, enlarging and deburring holes in thin sheet metal.
4.A suitable lubricant is recommended.
5.Use for precision burr-free drilling without a pilot drill in plastics and sheet metals up to 4mm thick. Suitable for non-ferrous metals, steel sheeting and plastics.

What is HSS Tube & Sheet Drills (Conical Drills)?

The Tube & Sheet Drills make a useful addition to the spiral drill, especially for use on thin-wall material. Their conical shape enables holes of various different diameters to be drilled with one tool. With a hand drill, the maximum is 60mm. Size are available from 3mm to 60mm, with various different quality characteristics, and also with various different coatings, e.g. TIALN for dry work, etc.

Advantages in comparison with twist drills:

1) No centering required, the drills do not run off centre.
2) A variety of hole diameters can be drilled using only one tool.
3) Hole diameters of up to 60mm can be produced using hand drills.
4) Holes are almost completely free of burrs.
5) Very thin-walled material can also be drilled.

Special type:

1. Material: M2 HSS, M35 HSSCo5% ( HSS-E )
2. Surface coatings available:
White Finish,
Black Oxide,
Tin Coated,
Cobalt Coated,
TIALN Coated,
3. Shank type available:
Round Shank,
Quick Change (Hex Shank),
Tri-Flat Shank

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