• Vacuum heat treatment
  • cnc machine for countersink producing
  • walter cnc machine for countersink producing
  • HSS step drill for professional using
  • Tube and sheet drill
  • magafor countersink
  • zoller testing machine for countersink

Jiangsu Ruili Precison Tools Co.,Ltd. is a producer of metal working tools(Drill bit, Step Drill) in CHINA. After 20 years developing, it owns 2 producing lines, 1 package plant(Zhenjiang ZONO Cutting Tools Co.,Ltd.) and 1 trading company(Zhenjiang ZONO Import & Export Co.,Ltd.). The trading company, ZONO, specializes in professional metal working tools(drilling, cutting, deburring, thread cutting and thread repairing KIT) exporting. And also import high quality tools from EU to CHINA. The tools are suited to a wild range of applications including working space in household(garage), industrial and automotive as well.

Ruili's main products are HSS Drill Bit(DIN, ANSI, NAS), Step Drill, Tube & Sheet Drill and Countersink. The Countersink, Step Drill and Tube & Sheet Drill are produced on CNC machines. Our 5 engineers and 61 workers, could meet your technical requirement, production and leadtime.

As an innovative company, Ruili keeps developing and upgrading our current items. And we also provide OEM or ODM products to fulfill customer's need.

We always look forward to build the long term partner relationship with our esteemed customers. Hope to create the bright future with our partners together.
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Jiangsu Ruili Precison Tools Co.,Ltd.

Zhenjiang ZONO Cutting Tools Co.,Ltd.

Zhenjiang ZONO Import & Export Co.,Ltd.
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212312, Danyang City,
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